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[Task 1] Kinda like a street address, just cooler.

IP Address Classes

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Private Address Space

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  1. How many categories of IPv4 addresses are there?
    ANS: 5
  2. Which type is for research? *Looking for a letter rather than a number here
    Reference: https://www.computerhope.com/jargon/i/ip.htm
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3. How many private address ranges are there?
ANS: 3

4. Which private range is typically used by businesses?

5. There are two common default private ranges for home routers, what is the first one?

6. How about the second common private home range?

7. How many addresses make up a typical class C range? Specifically a /24
“/24” mean
1111 1111 . 1111 1111 . 1111 1111 . 0000 0000
There’re twenty-four “1”.
There’re eight “0”. → 2⁸ = 256
ANS: 256

8. Of these addresses two are reserved, what is the first addresses typically reserved as?
There’re 2 types of addresses: Network and Broadcast.
ANS: Network

9. The very last address in a range is typically reserved as what address type?
ANS: Broadcast

10. A third predominant address type is typically reserved for the router, what is the name of this address type?
ANS: Gateway

11. Which address is reserved for testing on individual computers?

12. A particularly unique address is reserved for unroutable packets, what is that address? This can also refer to all IPv4 addresses on the local machine.

[Task 2] Binary to Decimal
Calculation method

For an example:
1001 0010 (in binary) = 1*2⁷ + 0*2⁶ + 0*2⁵ + 1*2⁴ + 0*2³ + 0*2² + 1*2¹ + 0*2⁰ = 146 (in decimal)

[Task 3] Decimal to Binary
Calculation method
For an example:
238 (in decimal)
Start with
238 / 2 = 119 *2 + 0

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Repeat dividing step until you can’t

BP: Networking插图5

Fraction in the circle is the answer

BP: Networking插图6


BP: Networking插图7

[Task 4] Address Class Identification
Just find answer with provided table

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